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20 Jun 2024
Euro 2024 Prizes: How much the Champion and Finalist Teams earn?
Discover the prize money for the champion and finalist teams of Euro 2024 Prize. Find out how much each team stands to win in this highly coveted tournament.

Euro 2024 Prizes: How much the Champion and Finalist Teams earn?

The UEFA European Championship, Euro 2024, has officially kicked off, with the first match already underway as seen in various Euro 2024 updates from media outlets. However, one aspect that many may not be aware of is the Euro 2024 Prizes. Let's delve into this topic together.

Understanding the Prize Money in One of Europe's Top Tournaments

According to the Euro 2024 schedule, the tournament is packed with exciting matches, all of which can be followed through V9Bet Sports updates without missing a beat. Euro 2024 is one of the most lucrative international tournaments in terms of prize money.

In addition to the prize money, UEFA has allocated a total fund of 240 million euros for the benefit projects of each team in Euro 2024. The specific payments for each club will reflect the number of players released for participating national teams, the number of days each player spends in the tournament, and the FIFA category of the club for training compensation.


Euro 2024 prize is 28.25 million euros

How is the Prize Money Distributed Among the Teams?

Each team will receive 1 million euros (39 million THB) for a group stage win. Thus, the minimum amount every nation will get is 9.25 million euros if they don't win any of the three group stage matches.

Every country that advances to the round of 16 will receive EURO 2024 Prize 1.5 million euros (59 million THB). The prize money increases with each subsequent round: quarter-finalists will receive 2.5 million euros (98 million THB), and semi-finalists will receive 4 million euros (157 million THB). The champion of Euro 2024 will earn 8 million euros (315 million THB), while the runner-up will receive 5 million euros (197 million THB).

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List of Contenders Still in the Running for the Championship

Euro 2024 marks the 17th edition of the tournament. Predicting the Euro 2024 match outcomes isn't easy, given the tournament's unpredictability. However, Opta, a reliable statistics site, has used a supercomputer to evaluate the teams with the highest winning percentages.

Opta's supercomputer simulated Euro 2024 over 10,000 times and confirmed the pre-tournament percentages, with England (19.9%) being the favorites to win Euro 2024. Gareth Southgate's team has never won the Euro, having lost the final heartbreakingly to Italy, but our model gives them the highest chance of improving this year.

England often enters major tournaments over the past two decades as worthy contenders, but being favorites is a new experience for this team brimming with offensive talent. This squad is led by Bayern Munich's Harry Kane, Real Madrid's Jude Bellingham, and Manchester City's star Phil Foden, making them the top favorites.

Moreover, there is a 70.0% chance that England will reach the quarter-finals for the third time in four Euros, with a 48.2% chance of reaching the semi-finals, higher than any other team. England reaches the final in almost one-third (31.1%) of our tournament simulations in 2024 and wins 19.9% of the time.

France (19.1%), who defeated the Three Lions in Qatar and reached the last two World Cup finals, poses the greatest threat to England. Hosts Germany (12.4%), Spain (9.6%), and Portugal (9.2%) are also seen as strong contenders.

Meanwhile, it may be more challenging for the Netherlands (5.1%), defending champions Italy (5.0%), and Belgium (4.7%) to pose a challenge, but the supercomputer does not completely rule out their chances.


List of Contenders Still in the Running for the Championship

Beyond Prize Money: A Platform to Showcase Talent

Euro isn't just a competition for prize money or honors; it's a stage for players across Europe to showcase their skills. Historically, many players have risen to prominence from this tournament. This year, we are likely to see players like Spain's 16-year-old prodigy Lamine Yamal, who has been impressive from the first match, or Italy's newly capped defender Riccardo Calafiori, who started strong in his debut match.

What Benefits Does Host Germany Receive?


The host of EURO 2024: Germany

As the host, Germany is set to receive significant financial benefits, amounting to billions of baht. Their excellent preparation, hosting matches in 10 stadiums across 10 cities, has boosted tourism through football.


The EURO 2024 Prize varies depending on how far each country advances in the tournament.

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